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Web Development / [V4.0.0] AD:RP WEB DEVELOPMENT - 7/04/2017
« Last post by LenLen on July 04, 2017, 12:31:12 PM »

Radio now has more than 300 tracks, new albmums of Ed Sheeran, Metallica, Lady Gaga, Little Mix and more were added.
Increased the radio audio quality with a stereo tool.
A subdomain was created for the radio. Still under maintenance.
Changed a few imaes in the Web Shop.
Discord has been updated with Bots, channels in discord now have icons of easier recognition.

Script Development / [v1.0.4] ADRP Server Development - 7/2/2017
« Last post by DiNozzo on July 02, 2017, 12:23:17 PM »

Added: Drive-by system for gang members and LEO. Usage: /driveby [ON/OFF]
Added: You can give other players ammo clips using command /giveclip
Added: Ammo clips were added as option in /take, so LEO can now take the ammo clips away from you
Added: 40Oz (Beer) added in 24/7 store
Added: You can store drugs & materials in your car's trunk using /trunkstore, and take them from the trunk using /trunkget
Added: Now when you're making the in-game account, you are asked if you want to skip the tutorial. Note: If you don't skip the tutorial, you will receive $4,000
Added: Pay'n'Spray behind Idlewood Gas Station. First of all you have to type /paynspray to open the garage gate, then just drive inside and type /fixmycar to start the repair process
Added: You can tog the OOC Faction chat (/or) with /togor, and the OOC Departments chat (.dor) with /togdor
Added: Main Los Angeles Sheriff Department station was moved from Montgomery to Blueberry
Added: Now you can set your description with (/setdesc)ription and other people can see it by typing (/checkdesc)ription
Added: New Audio Streams for things like Phonecalls and Pager
Changed: Legal Jobs Payments - We increased the legal jobs (Brinks Worker, Trucker, Pizza Delivery, Mining and Warehouse Worker) payments
Removed: Fee for creating a family safe
Changed: Fishing job system.  Use /fishhelp in game to see all the commands
Changed: General Admin and Senior Admin switched the names
Changed: Drugs prices lowered (weed seeds)
Changed: All IC vehicle related services were moved into a new building in Mulholland (/gps >> Los Angeles >> Services >> DMV). In this building you can find the Driving school (/getlicense), the unimpound office (/dmvmenu), the counter for paying tickets (/paytickets) and the office for car insurances (/buycinsure)
Changed: Paychecks for the beginers. Now players with level 1 will have the paycheck starting from $2000, level 2 will have $1500 and level 3 will have $1000. From level 4, paychecks starts from $0
Changed: On duty faction members will keep their duty status after relog/crash
Changed: All of the radio channels from /stereo
Fixed: All players are able to see the full list of online administrators (/admins)
Fixed: All players are able to see the full list of online helpers (/helpers)
Fixed: When you are jailed/prisoned, you will be frozen for 4 secounds to avoid falling through the mapping
Fixed: The bug which says the player you're PMing is AFK even when he isn't was fixed
Fixed: All prices from the In-Game Marketplace (/xpshop) were fixed
Fixed: Some of the Achievements were reviewed and fixed
Fixed: Bug which caused the "Critically Injured" text stucking on your screen after you was revived
Fixed: Other minor bugs

Script Development / [v1.0.3] ADRP Server Development - 4/30/2017
« Last post by DiNozzo on April 30, 2017, 07:00:50 AM »

Added: In-Game Marketplace - Now you can buy stuff like VIP or Gates in game, using XP. You can access the shop with command /xpshop
Added: House Tokens System - Every player will receive 3000 House Tokens when they register. 1HT = $10 (InGame Cash). Eg. You can buy a $30.000 house with 3.000HT
Added: Achievements System - We added a list of achievements and the way you can receive it(/achievements). Each achievement unlocked will give you an amount of XP
Added: /badge - LEO Members can hide their color nametag on duty to turn undercover
Added: /or - OOC Radio for factions
Added: /dor - OOC Radio between all factions
Changed: Legal Jobs Payments - We increased the legal jobs (Brinks Worker, Trucker, Pizza Delivery, Mining and Warehouse Worker) payments
Changed: Lowered House Prices
Changed: New PayDay System - Now at every payday, you will have to sign your check (/signcheck) to receive the money
Changed: Paycheck System - After every job done (eg. A pizza delivery) you will receive a half of the payment in hand and the other half in your paycheck. You will get the half from paycheck in the next payday. You can check how much money you have in paycheck with command /mypaycheck
Fixed: Leader commands for factions - All leader commands are now fixed and can be used.

Script Development / [v1.0.2] ADRP Server Development - 4/2/2017
« Last post by DiNozzo on April 02, 2017, 11:42:29 AM »

Added: /changename point in CityHall - For free
Added: Turn in points in LAPD and LASD Headquarters
Added: Silencer in PawnShop - Silencer can be added to 9mm pistol to make it a SDPistol
Added: New retextured appartment interiors
Added: /gunstore in Ammunation (only with Gun License)
Removed: Job Change Cooldown
Changed: L.A. Bank interior
Changed: /pvlock changed to (/v lock)
Changed: DOC Divisions moved from LAPD to LASD
Fixed: All prices now match the economy
Fixed: /bikelock
Fixed: Factions leader commands
Fixed: Faction Radio for LAFD

Server Informations / General Informations about the Community
« Last post by DiNozzo on March 16, 2017, 01:46:11 PM »



Click HERE to join

Support Center:
Buzzard (IC social media):
Web Shop (Marketplace):
Radio (experimental):

For full details visit HERE.
Server Informations / Administartion Memberlist
« Last post by Tino on February 25, 2017, 10:36:15 AM »

Tony DiNozzo
Steve Quattrocchi

Agostino Patruno

Brad Klain


Sam Eastwood



Jason Rockwell

Levie Fernandez


John Scott
Melvin Black
Albert Lee
Anastacio Cordova

Leonardo Stilo - [Director]
Tiago Fernandes - [Manager]

Tony DiNozzo - [Server]
Steve Quattrocchi - [Web & Forums]

Tony DiNozzo
Steve Quattrocchi
Agostino Patruno
Brad Klain

Steve Quattrocchi - [Director]
Tony DiNozzo - [Agent]

Steve Quattrocchi
Tony DiNozzo
Agostino Patruno

Tony DiNozzo - [Chief]

Brad Klain - [Director]

Agostino Patruno - [Chief of Mappers]

Steve Quattrocchi - [Director]

Jason Rockwell - [Management]
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