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Gangs/Families Rules
« on: February 21, 2017, 06:34:21 AM »

Application Rules    RULE ONE:
You must post screenshots of your roleplay for two weeks before being able to send your family application and if your application was denied you must reapply after two weeks.

You must be creative, you may use online sources but plagiarism is not allowed.

You must do a research on the type of the roleplay you are willing to base your family on beforehand, you must portray everything realistically.
PUNISHMENTS: Being temporarily or permanently banned from applying for a family depending on the severity.
Vehicle RulesYou must not park your family vehicles far away from a turf or a property owned by your family.

PUNISHMENTS: Vehicle being removed and strike will be issued to your gang.
Gang Relation RulesWhen gang conflicts or alliances are made there must be a valid Roleplay reason behind it.
  • You can't just pick random beef with a family or be allies with one because they are your friends IRL, you must have valid roleplay reasons behind each and every action.

PUNISHMENTS: Anything from your family being issued a strike or being removed depending on the severity.
VoIP chat and family chat Rules    RULE ONE:
You can use your family chat (/f) to communicate with your members OOCly, it's not to be used for metagaming purposes. you may use Walkie-talkie system for In character communications.

Family channels on Teamspeak/Discord are only for O.O.C usages.
  • You must not use VoIP applications such as Discord, Teamspeak, Skype, etc... for In-Character communications.

PUNISHMENTS: Anything from your family being issued a strike or being removed depending on the severity.
LOA RulesRank 5 and Rank 6 members must contact Gang Moderation team before going away for a time longer than three days, most convenient way of doing this is to send an email to gang moderators (
  • This rule was set so gang moderators can keep track of a family's activity.

PUNISHMENTS: Anything from your family being issued a strike or being removed depending on the severity.
Topic RulesIf you are willing to create an official family, you must create a topic under "Families" section, posting backgrounds and roleplay scenes of your family so gang moderators could decide whether accept or deny your application as it will be the primary way of showcasing your family.
  • First off, you need to create a topic, posting backgrounds, histories and roleplay screenshots of your ongoing family. Don't copy paste your roleplay style and it's basic layout from other families, be unique and creative.

PUNISHMENTS: Anything from your family being temporary disbanded or permanently removed depending on the severity.
Cool Down RuleYou must wait for one week after leaving a faction such as PD, SD, FD etc... before being able to join a gang, same applies when you are willing to join a faction, you must wait for one week before applying for a faction member position. This rule also applies if you want to join another gang.
  • This rule was set to avoid faction and family hopping and keep things realistic.

PUNISHMENTS: Anything from being temporarily or permanently banned depending on the severity.
Engagment RulesRULE ONE:
You are not allowed to attack a rival gang when they have less than 5 members online. There are exceptions to this rule which include an enemy gang member(s) coming into somewhere you claim as your territory or if they start attacking you first.
  • This does not make a gang member completely untouchable towards violence against him from a rival gang. They're still allowed to speak to you in character and roleplay with you as much as they want, they just can't go out of their way to find you and kill you for the fun of it.
If you're critically injured in a previous gang war by a rival gang. You must stay out of any attack your surviving gang members do on the gang for at least two hours.
  • The best way of doing this is just roleplaying you're too wounded because of the previous attack so you have no chance of attempting to attack them. Just stay out of any attack on the gang for at least two hours.
Your gang is allowed to form an alliance with four other gangs in the city. You can only be neutral or enemy status with other gangs in the city if you already have an alliance.
  • If you are planning an attack against a rival gang with your allies, you must not exceed a 2:1 ratio against the rival gang. Meaning, if they are five members online from the rival gang, you and your allied gang can only attack with ten members, no higher. They are exceptions if you and your allied gang are hanging out in a place you claim your turf and an enemy gang attacks, the ratio does not come into effect and every member of each gang can defend against the attackers.
No Headquarters camping. You are not allowed to stay at another faction(s) Headquarters for more than five to ten minutes. Only visiting once every one hour.
  • There is an exception to this rule. If the area you're in is only a turf of the enemy gang and not a Headquarters then you're allowed to stay there for as long as you feel is needed if you're trying to claim the turf as your own or force the enemy gang out of there.
Don't' whine and cry when you get killed by an enemy gang. You can question them on why they made these attacks on you but being abusive towards them isn't needed at all.
  • This rule was put in to stop the constant whining and crying that was happening after someone got killed by an enemy gang. It's understandable that it can get annoying but there is no need to spam local out of character chat with it so please don't do it. If you feel you were killed unfairly then make good use of the Player Reports.
You are allowed to attack a rival gang only two times per day. Do not exceed this limit of attacks per day.
  • This rule is set to avoid constant attacks per day which leave no time to roleplay or ruin any chance of roleplaying because bullets are flying around all day. This should also make you choose when to attack wisely and make an attack more thought out instead of just going into an enemy gang turf and shooting away when you feel like it.
If you're killed in an attack and respawned, you must stay away from the roleplay scene for 30 minutes. Do not go back to the roleplay scene.
  • This basically cancels out any confusion when a player dies in a gang war, respawns and comes back to the roleplay scene where he was killed, causing either confusion for the attacking gang and/or get killed again because they don't know whether you've already been killed.
When having shootouts with other gangs, you may not rob any injured parties unless the intention of the shootout was to rob a person or an item.
  • Realistically, after a shootout, you'd attempt to run away or leave the scene unless there was an item which you wanted to rob that caused the shootout.
If all Rank 5 and Rank 6 members of a family are killed by a rival gang during a war, it will mark the war's end.
  • Once a war is ended, another war cannot be re-triggered. If a Rank 6 or Rank 5 member is on LOA, they don't need to be PK'ed by the rival family.

PUNISHMENTS: Anything from your family being warned or removed, admin jail to a permanent ban depending on the severity.
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