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In-Game Rules
« on: February 21, 2017, 06:30:43 AM »


Credits: The Dude aka Finn's Ham

Server AdvertisementYou are not allowed to attempt or lead someone into playing on another SA: MP / GTA: Orange / MTA: SA Server and giving them the IP address, Website or anything else related to the other community.

PUNISHMENTS: Permanent Ban with all of the accounts associated with you being deleted.

LanguageAmerican Dream is an English Role Play server. You must speak English on all chats, including both IC and local OOC, however, private OOC chats are not forbidden.
  • You can use catch phrases or simple words from other languages for character development and strictly In-Character related purposes.
  • Alternatively, you can put [Language] in front of your text to use another language. Ex: [Spanish] How are you doing?

PUNISHMENTS: Anything from a verbal warning to being silenced or a temporary ban depending on the severity.

DeathmatchingKilling a person without a valid roleplay reason is not allowed. Revenge killing goes under this category as well. same goes with Provoking, which means cursing someone or attempting to gain their attention into pursuing or fighting you.
  • You cannot kill someone because they rammed into you or your vehicle by accident or insulted you in IC chat.
  • When you respawn after being killed (finished off), your memory is wiped off and you cannot seek revenge.
  • You can only seek revenge if you have not been finished and saved by medics, bleeding out does not fall under this circumstance.
  • You can ask your killer for their reason of doing so but spamming them or whining at them is not allowed.

PUNISHMENTS: Anything from a warning with prison time to a permanent ban depending on the severity.

MetagamingUsing Out of Character information and knowledge for In-Character purposes is not allowed. Motivating someone to Metagame is also not allowed. Metagaming also means telling or informing players of what they should not or cannot know, cannot see or touch. Using smileys and emoticons or shortened words in IC chat also falls under Metagame category.
  • Ex: * Tom throws a soft nod at the individuals, raising his right-hand as a signal to the sniper to open fire. *
  • Ex: You saw a person by their name tag and use that to call out their name in IC chat.
  • Ex: RPing that you remember who killed you off after respawning.
  • Ex: Using /PM, Skype, Discord, TeamSpeak or any other VoIP application to call your homie to kill the cops who have you surrounded inside a house.
  • Ex: RPing that you know the person who've robbed you by their name tag while they had a mask on ICly.
  • Ex: Tom says: lol bro, ur such a noob, we go get dem bois and we kill em all XD.

PUNISHMENTS: Anything from jail time to permanent ban depending on the severity.

PowergamingDoing non-humanoid or unrealistic acts that are not possible to do in real life or forcing an action upon a player without giving them the chance to provide you a proper answer, doing things that will result in your own benefit with unrealistic methods or role-playing something that is impossible script-wise in order to gain advantage can be described as Powergaming.
  • Ex: * Randy Orton jumps out of the car and RKOs the officer, killing them instantly, walking away with his pose as his theme song plays. *
  • Ex: Jumping off a bridge and running away instantly as if you are a terminator.
  • Ex: You are trapped inside a house with heavily armed people covering the exits and you simply exit, running off like Speedy Gonzalez.
  • Ex: Roleplaying you don't have an item on you while it shows that it's on you by frisking.
  • Ex: Roleplaying that you have bodyguards around you (NPCs).
  • Ex: Crashing your vehicle and driving off as if nothing happened. NOTE: During police pursuits, minor and medium crashes don't require role play lines for them to be typed from both parties to avoid stalling issues.
  • Ex: You taze or beanbag a player while they have a weapon aimed or shooting at you.

PUNISHMENTS: Anything from being warned and prisoned to a permanent ban depending on the severity.

Hour Farming and AFKingIf you want to leave or AFK, you must do so by pausing the game, simply entering the pause menu so the AFK icon appears above your character's head, otherwise, it’ll be considered as hour farming if it exceeds 20 minutes.
  • You must not AFK in public/popular places for more than 30 minutes.
  • You must not AFK for more than an hour on the server.

PUNISHMENTS: Anything from kick to permanent ban depending on the severity.

Attachments and ToysAttaching toys and items to your character in a way that makes them look unrealistic is not allowed.

PUNISHMENTS: All of your toys being removed and a jail will be issued.

SAMP Physics AbuseAbusing SA:MP Physics is considered an offense for both being unrealistic and giving you advantages over other players.
  • You cannot gun down a Helicopter, Airplane, Boat or a Car using hand guns such as Deagle.
  • Once your car is flipped, you should not flip it by spamming A and D buttons.
  • You should not wall-abuse and shoot through them.
  • You should not Bunnyhop to travel faster.
  • You should not stay on top of a moving vehicle in order to travel, unless you are being kidnapped and held in the trunk
  • You should not force some one outside of a car by simply pressing F or enter button.
  • You should not move in zig-zag motion to avoid being hit by bullets.
  • You should not shoot at other players if they are frozen, waiting for an interior/exterior to load.
  • You should not lag pit other players.
  • You should not do UNRP jump stunts with BMX.
  • You should not C-bug as it gives you an advantage in shootouts.
  • You should not up arrow abuse by pressing it rapidly to gain speed as you drive a motorcycle.
  • You should type a role play line for visual commands that change something visually but don't post an automatic role play line.

PUNISHMENTS: Anything from jail time to being temporary banned.

VIP RulesBeing a VIP does not mean you are superior from other players, being a VIP means you have access to our special features.
  • All players should be respectful while using the VIP chat.
  • Creating heat and flaming towards other players, server and staff using the VIP chat is strictly prohibited. (This rule also applies in all other available chats).
  • Metagaming is not permitted within VIP chat, or in other words, don't break general server rules in /vc.

PUNISHMENTS: Anything from a mute from VIP chat, VIP suspension or temporary ban depending on the severity.

TerrorismTerrorism role play is strictly forbidden unless it's allowed by a head administrator+

PUNISHMENTS: Permanent Ban with all of the accounts associated with you being deleted.

Weapon ScrollingSmall handguns such as Deagle and Glock don't require a role play line for them to be typed before withdrawing them but for much larger weapons such as SMGs and Assult Rifles, etc.. you are required to type a role play line before withdrawing it, same goes when you want to put away these kinds of weapons, you must have a role play line typed before doing so.
  • Wrong Ex: A shootout is about to happen and you scroll your mouth wheel, equipping your M4 as you start shooting.
  • Wrong Ex: A cop crosses your path while you have an MP5 out and you quickly scroll your mouse to hide it.
  • Correct Ex: You want to rob an individual and you want to threaten them so you type a role play line of you withdrawing your Micro SMG, putting it against their skull.
  • Correct Ex: A car pulls over and armed individuals exit and start walking towards you so you role play reaching for your coat and withdrawing a magnum.
  • You can use binds.

PUNISHMENTS: Anything from jail time to temporary ban depending on the severity.

HealingIf you are in a shootout and your health goes low, you should not use any substance such as First aid kit, etc.. to increase your HP.

PUNISHMENTS: Anything from jail time to being warned and prisoned depending on the severity.

Account SecurityYou are not allowed to either share or hand out registered accounts to other people. However having more than one account at the same time is allowed as long as you don't share or hand them out. You must not use your accounts to farm money, by handing cash from an account to another. Copying applications as you register for either OOC or IC positions also falls under this. VPN usage is also an account security offense as it changes your identity and IP. Your IP and account are your responsibility.

PUNISHMENTS: Temporary or permanent ban depending on severity.

Threatning and insaultingIf you threaten someone OOC'ly or insulting them, it's a serious offense. Everyone is equal and should be respected.

PUNISHMENTS: Temporary or permanent ban depending on severity.

Logging off to avoidYou are not allowed to force crash/force time out/log out to avoid or refuse a role play situation.

PUNISHMENTS: Anything from jail time to being temporary banned depending on the severity.

ExploitingIf you come across a bug on our services, you should not take advantage of it, you should report it on the forums or open a ticket for it on our support platform or just simply report it via /am or /report.

PUNISHMENTS: Temporary or permanent ban depending on severity.

Third Party Modifications and Key BindersUsing third party modifications that give you advantages over other players is not permitted. Moving camera modifications that are used to make movies or clips are only to be used with lead administrator+ permissions. Key binds that shorten your common role plays are not allowed.
  • Using binds to shorten the time of your finishing a player, cuffing, frisking, assisting injured players as FD, etc... is not allowed.

PUNISHMENTS: Permanent ban.

Sensetive Role playSensitive role play includes rape, cannibalism, pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, dismemberment and sexual harassment and before performing any of these role plays, you must have OOC permissions from all the parties involved and once it's being done, it must be away from all other players who are not involved.

PUNISHMENTS: Temporary or permanent ban depending on severity.

Walking While DeadWalking While Dead means if you start moving after you've been critically injured, no matter how you got injured, once you enter the critically injured mode, you must not move, crawling, helping yourself to move by the help of an object is also considered Walking While Dead. You can move if some one role plays helping you to move, and that person should not be in the injured state for this to apply.

PUNISHMENTS: Anything from jail time to being warned and prisoned depending on the severity.

Weapon and Ammo and CraftablesYou must not craft yourself a gun, ammo or craftables during a shootout or when you are in a danger or being threatened. You must purchase extra clips for your weapon if you might need more ammo during a shootout and you must role play correctly before changing your weapon's clip. If you are not in any of those conditions, you may craft but you must type correct role play lines before crafting anything.

PUNISHMENTS: Anything from jail time to being warned and prisoned depending on the severity.
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